Top 5 Benefits of Baby and Toddler Swim Classes

toddler swim class
It’s never too early to hop in the pool and get accustomed to being in water! Baby and toddler swim classes help youngsters learn essential skills that they’ll take with them as they grow and develop, and the early start is likely to make them stronger swimmers as they get older. 

How does a baby and toddler swim class work exactly? The instructor leads parent and baby pairs through a series of games and activities. In the beginning, you’ll support your baby as he or she learns movements like kicking and paddling, and eventually, they’ll be able to work toward floating and moving around in the water independently. 

Learning to swim from a young age comes with so many physical and developmental benefits. Learning to swim from a young age comes with so many physical and developmental benefits.

1. Strengthen muscles 

Even when you’re helping your baby stay afloat, the kicking and paddling movements do wonders for strengthening vital muscles in the arms, legs, and neck. This will help make your baby stronger overall, which will translate to activities outside the pool too. For young babies, this may also lead them to hit milestones like crawling and walking earlier than they would otherwise. 

2. Increase motor skills 

Your baby will feel new sensations when moving around in the water versus on dry land. Movements tend to be slower and more precise, so your baby will have more control and may be able to move in ways they can’t outside of the pool.  

3. Improve balance and coordination 

Swimming is known to help babies develop and strengthen the vestibular system – part of the inner ear that helps with spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and a feeling of equilibrium. This will set them up for success in their physical development and any activities they do outside the water as well. 

4. Gain confidence  

Swimming lessons help babies and toddlers get used to the feeling of being in water from a young age, leading them to become stronger and more confident swimmers as they get older. The excitement and praise that comes with learning new skills can also help toddlers gain a stronger self-esteem. 

5. Socialise 

Not only is this an amazing bonding experience for you and your baby – it’s also the perfect way for your little one to interact with peers who are their same age. Babies and toddlers learn from one another, and spending time together helps them gain fundamental social skills. 

These are only a handful of the amazing benefits you’re likely to notice from baby and toddler swim classes! Ready to jump in and get started? The Children’s Swim School at YMCA Club regularly runs parent and baby swim classes for children ranging from 6 months to 3 years old. Click here to read more and find out when our next series of baby and toddler swim classes will be starting!