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Personal Trainers

Meet our highly trained Personal Trainers based in Central London who can help motivate and guide you on your fitness journey

Achieve your goals

By developing a personalised programme for you, our trainers will ensure that every session is focused on achieving your specific goals. Your dedicated trainer will track your progress and keep you motivated, meaning you are certain to achieve your personal best this year.

Get inspired again

Whether you’ve always dreamed of running a marathon, you want to slim down or you’d simply like to feel fitter, healthier and happier, our personal trainers, nutritionists and sports coaches have all of the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and motivation to inspire you to hit new heights.

Find your next Trainers

To find the perfect trainers for your needs, check out each of their profiles below.

Adrian Walters
Core strength and matwork Pilates
Functional movement training
Strength and conditioning
Postural improvement

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David Warpas
Fat loss
Muscle gain & strength
Body weight
Nutritional advice

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Declan Duncan
Older adults
Medical conditions
Weight management
Improve flexibility and mobility

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Ernesto Ortino
Nutrition and weight management
Strength and muscle gain
Functional high intensity training
GP referral

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John Crane-Wason
Nutritional advice
Weight loss
Muscle gain
Improved strength and stamina

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Trisha White
Resistance training – beginners to advanced
Cardio fitness
Sports specific
Suspension training

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Teresa Waite
Strength and Conditioning
Weight Management and Nutrition
Medical Referrals and Cancer Rehab
Women’s Health and Older Adults

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James Simpkin
Muscle building
Older adults
Core strength mobility & flexibility
Weight management

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