School services - Central YMCA Club

School Services

Our aim is to provide a positive experience for children, teachers, and communities across England.

We provide school sports services in and around England to help improve physical and mental wellbeing for all. Our school services consist of:

PE delivery
Early career training
School clubs
Young sports leaders
First aid

Our school services

P.E. Delivery
Our coaches deliver the P.E. curriculum at various schools across London. Each individual coach plans and delivers fun and engaging lessons to meet every school’s needs in conjunction with the OFSTED curriculum.
Early Career Training
We offer a range of Early Career Training Programmes including:
A 6-week ECT to help students feel confident in delivering P.E.
Specific sports programme to provide students and staff with extra knowledge and experience in a variety of different sports.
Bespoke programmes designed to meet your needs.
School Clubs
Our school club programmes range from breakfast clubs to after school care and sports clubs, such as football and ultimate frisbee. These clubs provide an excellent environment for children to experience many different sports and have fun.
Young Sports leaders
Our coaches plan and deliver programmes to help children learn about leadership and trust. They learn skills to be a good leader, which enables them to plan and deliver successful activities in their schools and communities. The course will also help children improve their communication, decision making and confidence.
First Aid
Our first aid programmes are designed for children to learn the basics of first aid, such as:
what to do in an emergency
what signs to look for when someone needs help
making sure the first aid box is fully stocked
using a defibrillator.

Why Choose us?

As a leading national charity, we have a proven track record of successfully creating educational and fitness-based programmes to help young people across the UK. Over the years, we’ve built up our knowledge of working with schools to create programmes that improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Children and Young People schools team is guided by Sport England’s uniting the movement strategy, and focus on developing physical, emotional, and creative skills in a nurturing environment. We strive to do the right thing for each individual child and to empower them with new skills to lead a healthy lifestyle all the way through to adulthood.