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With more than 200,000 members serviced since 1984, it’s hard to highlight them all, so we’ve collected a handful of reviews and member testimonials that share the impact Central YMCA has had on their fitness journey and overall well-being.

Helen Chapman

“The Y is good for my mental health as well as my physical health – it’s great to be back! Helen”

Leonard Hughes

“I love the environment, It feels really safe, it doesn’t feel overcrowded, lots of space to walk around”

Sean Gandini

“Nice atmosphere and big diversity of people with large gym space makes you feel very comfortable at Central YMCA club”

Regianne Souza

“I feel very happy to be back after such a long time. The gym is following the guidelines and it makes me feel safe”

Babajide Oyenigba

“I’ve been a member at the YMCA since 2000, the way they have structured the opening process here is quite good, everyone comes at a certain time and leaves at a certain”


“I’m so glad to be back — both from a mental and a physical perspective, and I feel super-safe from the moment I walk in. If you’re in doubt just come along to see for yourself — you won’t regret it!”

Matt Carter

“I love doing classes and the vibe in the Club is brilliant, you can not find a better place than YMCA to exercise as its so big!”


“A community where you can be so welcome and safe. Physical and mental health is particularly important, and YMCA is best place for that!”

Kevin Lee

“Fantastic gym and life changing venue. YMCA is not just a gym; it is like a second home for me.”

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