The Great British Skinny Dip

Dip into the world of naturism with The Great British Skinny Dip

This September, we’ll be encouraging Londoners to strip off and take a dip in our 25m pool. Why? To encourage happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives of course. It turns out that daring to bare...
ymca | 23 August 2016
plate of salad and cous cous

Changing perspective

A more mindful approach can make a big difference to our health, happiness and prevent the ageing process, explain Fitness Manager Hamit Buhara and nutritionist Nick Owen.
Joe | 9 August 2016

Training for Y-Tri 2016

Follow our expert training tips on each section of the Y-Tri so you'll be ready for the big day.
Joe | 8 August 2016

YMCA Member Q&A with Mark Finch

This month we speak to Mark Finch, 47, a production manager and member of YMCA Club for 12 years.
Joe | 8 August 2016

It returns: 24-7 Challenge

Get fit. Get sweaty. And do your bit to beat cancer. Save the date because our 24-7 challenge returns on 3rd September featuring all your favourite classes from our timetable.
Joe | 5 August 2016
Swimmer competing in Y-Tri

Y-Tri is back

Beat your personal best in spinning? Shaved some seconds off your lengths at the pool? Looking for a fresh challenge? Then why not take part in our annual triathlon this autumn.
Joe | 4 August 2016

August timetable reduction

Don't get caught out. Make a note of our reduced-class timetable.
Joe | 4 August 2016
A man does push ups on some grass

Lift Smart Train Hard: No gym? No problem!

In this edition of Lift Smart Train Hard we look at how to keep fit when you’re on holiday and away from the gym.
Joe | 4 August 2016

Lift Smart and Train Hard: how balanced are you?

In this month’s episode of Lift Smart and Train Hard we look at unilateral training – or training one limb at a time.
Joe | 4 August 2016