Ask the YMCA Club expert

Ask the YMCA Club expert: How to get back into fitness

We asked YMCA trainer Angela Rey to answer the much-discussed question this January...
ymca | 5 January 2017

The 'new' all year perspective

Nick Owen our nutritionist expert gives us the rundown of how to create a realistic new year health routine.
ymca | 5 January 2017
Love your liver

Free health checks for Love Your Liver

This January the Club is offering free body composition checks for both members and non-members.
ymca | 16 December 2016

YMCA Club to host a 30th anniversary Swimathon event in 2017.

Swimathon is the world’s biggest annual fundraising swim. Pool manager Nassim Hamadache explains what it involves and how you can take part at YMCA Club.
ymca | 16 December 2016
Ceramics Course

New evening and weekend courses in 2017

Find out what courses are available this year.
ymca | 16 December 2016

Club opening hours over Christmas and New Year

Find out the changes to the Club’s opening hours during the holiday period.
ymca | 6 December 2016

Ask the YMCA Club expert: Find out why Olympic athletes love the SkillMill

Have you noticed a new machine on the gym floor? Club Fitness Manager Hamit Buhara explains how to use the SkillMill and why its better than the average treadmill.
ymca | 5 December 2016

The get-real healthy Christmas

A realistic guide to food, fitness, fun and festivity during the holiday period.
ymca | 23 November 2016

4 ways to upgrade your confidence

These mind-hacks from performance coach Annette Paterakis trick your brain into thinking more positively and help you take back control.
ymca | 23 November 2016