Simon Bates

Simon Bates - Therapist - YMCA Club - Hypnosis - Central London


Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Simon is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist offering a wide range of treatments for emotional and behavioural issues.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a very adaptive style of modern hypnosis drawing on the best of traditional hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP.  The aim is to change the way you automatically respond to life’s challenges.  Whether it’s smoking or carbs, or trauma, stress and depression, Simon will develop a treatment tailored for you.  Changes should be identifiable from the first session.  If required, a hypnosis track can be recorded for your specific needs; this is generally included within the cost of a course of treatment. 

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Mondays 14.30-18.30pm Other appointments are available on request.


  • 90 minutes - £90
  • 60 minutes - £60