Andrea Wright

Andrea Wright


Musculoskeletal/Sports Physiotherapy
Myofascial Release Specialist

Andrea is a chartered physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal/sports rehabilitation, fully recognised by the Health Professions Council. Andrea’s extensive experience draws on the principles of yoga, mindfulness and ergonomics. She is a specialist of Fascial Releasing, a connective tissue technique that addresses the body as an integrated whole. It rebalances all the body’s systems by addressing postural malalignments, reducing pain and soft tissue dysfunction.


Thursdays 8-9pm Fridays 9am-6pm


  • 30 minutes: £50 members
  • 30 minutes: £60non-members
  • 30 minutes: £40 seniors
  • 1 hour: £70 members
  • 1 hour: £80 non-members
  • 1 hour: £60 seniors