After School Sports

Our After School Sports provide specialist activity sessions that run across the three terms of the school year. Encouraging children to get and stay active is vital to ensure they develop coordination, fitness and social skills within a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Our courses are open to children aged between 4 and 14 years old.

Term Dates 2019

Autumn Term

  • Monday 2nd Sep – Friday 20th Dec 2019
  • Half Term (no classes ): Monday 21st Oct – Friday 25th Oct 2019

Spring Term

  • Monday 6th Jan – Friday 03rd Apr 2020
  • Half Term (no classes): Monday 17th Feb – Friday 21st Feb 2020
  • Repeat booking opens 09th Dec, Standard booking opens 21st Dec 2019

Summer Term

  • Monday 20th Apr – Friday 17th Jul 2020
  • Half Term (no classes): Monday 25th May – Friday 29th May 2020
  • Repeat booking opens 23rd Mar, Standard booking opens 4th Apr 2020


Swimming courses are £90. All other courses are £100

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Aikido (a form of martial art)

Helps to improve behaviourally, emotionally, physically and spiritually the lives of all children. Improve confidence and concentration whilst having fun!

  • Tuesdays 4.15pm-5pm (4-7 years), 5pm-5.45pm (8-12 years) 


A fantastic, fun class for children to develop not only good posture, body-awareness, co-ordination, musicality and steps, but also teamwork, confidence and self-discipline.

  • Fridays 4.15pm-5pm (Beginners), 5pm-5.45pm (Intermediate)


A fast-paced course where your child will improve their individual and team fundamental skill set. Learn to hoop where English basketball began!

  • Wednesdays 4.15pm-5pm (5-6 years)
  • Thursdays 4.15pm-5pm (7-9 years), 5pm-5.45pm (10-13 years) 

Ceramics and Arts

It's fun, it's messy but most importantly children love it! Let them unleash their creativity as they build something from nothing. Children will learn clay techniques and wheel spinning in this rewarding and fascinating class. 

  • Saturday mornings (times TBC)

Dodgeball - NEW!

Children can develop co-ordination skills by throwing and catching. This is a great way for all ability levels to stay active, be a part of a team, and have fun!


  • 4:15-5pm for ages 4-7
  • 5-5.45pm for ages: 8-12


This course uses drills, exercises and matches to coach children to develop competence in, and a good understanding of, a range of football skills.

  • Mondays 4.15pm-5pm (5-6 years)
  • Fridays 4.15pm to 5pm (7 to 8 years), 5pm-5.45pm (9-13 years)

Street Dance

An energetic dance class tailored to help a child learn the basics of hitting the beat, as well as master funky moves from original street dance styles.

  • Mondays 4.15pm-5pm (Beginners), 5pm-5.45pm (Intermediate)
  • Saturday mornings (times TBC)


Our Swim School covers the Swim England ‘National Learn to Swim Programme’ for developing skills and techniques. 

  • Monday – Friday 4pm-5.30pm. (Classes are 30 minutes long)
  • Saturday mornings (times TBC) 

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Improve a child’s balance, get their heart pumping and have fun! Based on the British Trampolining Scheme, classes cover the core skills.

  • Mondays 4.15pm-5pm (4-7 years), 5pm-5.45pm (8-12 years)