Swimming short courses

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Swimming lessons

About this course

This eight-week course* is split into four different groups, dependant on the level of swimming experience and ability.

  • Level 1: First group (6-6:45pm) is designed for complete beginners or those with almost no experience of swimming.
  • Level 1: Second group (6.45-7.30pm) is designed for those who can swim between five and ten metres.
  • Level 2: Third group (7.45-8.30pm) is for those who can swim half a length of the pool
  • Level 2: Fourth group (8.30-9.15pm) is for those who can swim at least a length and want to learn to develop their strokes (including learning butterfly).

All courses are taught in a positive atmosphere with a focus on how to swim technically well.

Upcoming courses:

Starts Friday 11th January

  • Number of classes/weeks: 8
  • Price: TBC

Starts Friday 29th March

  • Number of classes/weeks: 8
  • Price: TBC

What you will learn

Participants of the first group will learn water confidence and basic swimming technique. In the later groups, participants will develop skills in the four main strokes (front crawl, breast stroke, back stroke and, butterfly) as well as body position, breathing and timing.

Who can do the courses

It is suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to competent swimmers who are looking to improve their technique.

About the tutor

Tutor Martin Purcell is a former competitive swimmer with over 10 years’ coaching experience. He has coached a wide range of abilities including the University of London swimming team.

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