Beginners Italian course

Course Overview:

The aim of this absolute beginner course is to introduce you to the basics of the Italian language. The course covers the four skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing). It is taught through tutor-led activities, pair and group work, role-playing, and independent research as part of homework.

Absolute Beginners

Date: 25th of April until the 4th of July
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Price: £165

What students will learn

  • Exchange personal information
  • Greet people
  • Ask and give time
  • Order food and drinks in cafes and restaurants
  • Talk about things to do in the spare time
  • Likes and dislikes

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Meet Your Tutor

Laura Troisi has a degree in English and Italian Literature from the University of Naples. She has a Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults from Goldsmiths (CELTA) University of London. She taught Italian at all levels in several prominent organisations including City Lit, International House, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Goldsmiths, University of London. She has been teaching Italian to adults at Bishopsgate Institute and City Lit  since 2005.

NB The below outline is intended to give a good indication of what material students can expect to cover during the course, but the exact content of the course may differ.

Week 1:

Exchange personal information, “verbo essere” (verb to be), formal and informal, Countries and nationalities.

Week 2:

Introduce oneself, alphabet, numbers from 0 to 20, “ verbo avere” ( verb to have)+ articles

Week 3:

Revision of the language previously learnt

Week 4:

Introduce other people, Verbs : "stare e fare" + regular verbs

Week 5:

Professions. Speak about each other's professions+ prepositions A e IN. Numbers from 20 to 100

Week 6:

Bar Ask for something at a bar . Verbs "preferire e volere",

Week 7:

Restaurant Order drinks and food and book a table.

Week 8:

Spare time Talk about things to do in the spare time. Verbs " andare, leggere, giocare, uscire". Adverbs of frequency : “ Qualche volta, sempre… (sometimes, always…)

Week 9:

Talk about likes and dislikes : "verbo piacere" (to like). Asking and giving time.

Week 10:

General revision of the language previously learnt.

Do I need any previous skills or knowledge? 

No previous knowledge of the Italian language is required.

Will I need any equipment or materials? 

Please bring a pen and paper for making notes.

The tutor may ask you to purchase Nuovo Espresso 1 by Luciana Ziglio, Giovanna Rizzo (ISBN 9788861823174 [with the DVD]) (ISBN : 9788861823181 [book only]), but please wait until the first class to confirm this with them.

Are there follow-on courses I can take? 

Where possible, we will always aim to offer students the opportunity to progress in their learning. The next level after this course is Italian Beginners: Module B.


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