High Intensity Interval Training involves doing a short burst of one activity to your max and then having a very short rest period or active rest period. It’s quick, it’s tough and the results are fantastic. Using the steps in ES1 will add levels, increase intensity and give a really varied workout. After a quick warm up, the instructor will take you through very short circuits, around 20-30 seconds of work and 10-15 seconds of rest. Moves include: squat jumps up on to the step, squat thrusts using the step, speed taps, lunges with the step, press ups and more. Working the cardiovascular system in these short, maximal bursts is a great way to improve your overall aerobic capacity and surprisingly, improve endurance. HIIT is also an excellent fat burner  ̶  all in just half an hour!

So what’s the catch? You have to work hard during your work periods. Fear not, our instructors will help you out with all the support and encouragement you need to be your best!

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