Children’s Programme FAQ’s


How do I book?

All bookings are online. Please visit our How to book guide for more information.

Do I have to be a member?

We have removed our membership package to make it easier for parents and children to access the Children Programmes.

What changes are in place to promote safety?

  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation is taking place, regularly across the club on a daily basis
  • Where possible,  children will be given their own specific socially distant zone
  • We will also be taking the children out to open spaces (Playscheme)
  • Dedicated spaces in the Club setting for children to use
  • One-way system in the club
  • Enhanced hand washing routines
  • The equipment children do use will be cleaned by staff after each session
  • Reducing capacity to groups of 20 children per day (Playscheme)
  • All trips will be within walking distance and no public transport will be used
  • Staff will maintain social distancing and wear masks when indoors.

I have added my child as a family member but it is still not letting me book, what do I do?

Please ensure you have entered the child’s DOB as the bookings are age-restricted.

I have a credit owed to me from previous sessions, how do I use it?

As we are using a new system, any credits owed do not automatically transfer over. Please create a Mind Body Online account for yourself adding the child as a family member. Once completed, please email and we will add the credit to the account. Please note that you will not be able to access the credit until we confirm it has been added via email.

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers?

Please create a Mind Body Online account for yourself adding the child as a family member. Once completed, please email and we will make the booking. Please note that you will not be able to book online to pay by childcare vouchers.

What if my child or a family member develops symptoms?

If your child or a family member develops any COVID-19 symptoms, please follow government guidelines. 

Can parents/carers stay in the building?

We will have allocated spaces dependent on which classes your child will be attending. Please follow the signage around the building

After School Sports

What is the capacity of each class?

All classes will be limited to 12 children per class.

What space will the classes take place in?

Football and Basketball will take place on the sports floor. All other courses will take place in our larger studios.

Can I trial a class?

Please email to enquire about available trial classes.

Swim School

Will the teacher go in the water?

Teachers will be in the water for stage 1, all other classes will be taught from the poolside.

Are parents/carers allowed in the water?

Yes, 1 parent/carer is allowed in the water with the child.

How many children will there be per lesson?

Stages 1-3 will have 6 children per class, whilst Stages 4-7 will have 8 children per class.

How many teachers will there be per lesson?

All classes will have 1 teacher.

Can the children use any of the floating aids?

Yes, floating aids will be available for children to use each session.

School Holiday Playscheme

How much is it and at what times?

The playscheme is £35 per day at YMCA Club, and £30 per day at YMCA KX from 9am - 5pm.

I have 2 or more children, is there a sibling offer?

We are currently unable to offer a sibling discount. We hope to be able to bring this option back soon.

My children are in different age groups, can they stay together?

All children will have to stay with their age groups as part of our policies to manage risk.

Will I be able to receive a refund if my child cannot attend Playscheme due to COVID-19? Or if I have booked a day in error?

You can cancel up to 72 hours before your booking date. This will be returned as a credit to use against future playschemes. After this point, all bookings are final and you will be charged the full amount.

Does my child have to go to the park?

All children will have to attend the trip to the park in the afternoon.

Will the tuck shop be running?

As we have broken the playscheme into different spaces, there will be no tuck shop. Please pack a snack for your child.

Will swimming be on the timetable?

Yes, swimming will be available as part of the timetabled activities.

Are there Earlybirds or Twilights?

There are no earlybirds or twilights. We have extended the standard day to 9am - 5pm.