Exercise studios

3 state of the art studios. The Box for our high-intensity classes, the Yoga Studio solely for our holistic provision and our fully immersive Cycle Studio all in one space.

The Box

The Box for all of your HIIT needs! A dark environment, which comprises of great music, surround sound, reactive digital LED lighting, glitterball, two feature walls, one mirrored wall and two Myzone screens. An exercise experience packed full of energy and motivation. 

Yoga Studio

For a change in pace, enter the tranquil setting of our yoga studio, a fully integrated, holistic, soundproofed space. The relaxed ambience provides the perfect setting to connect your physical actions with your inner self through classes such as Yoga, Intrinity and Supple Strength. It’s a quiet, safe space with heating capability ideal for warm yoga.

Cycle Studio

Saddle up for a sweat-fest! Get on your bike and spin your way to fitness with the support of expert instruction and some uplifting tunes. Take on the challenge of the steepest mountains, the fastest flats or some good old-fashioned hill sprints all within one high-energy class.