Mental Health Awareness Week

Staying active, both mentally and physically, is so important in these odd times. This year, Mental Health Awareness Week is from 18-24 May and we are running a number of interactive workshops and a...
ymca | 7 May 2020

Coronavirus update

Some of you may have heard the announcement from our Prime Minister in response to the COVID-19 virus, where the Government has taken steps to close all leisure centres from Friday 20 March.   As...
ymca | 21 March 2020
people exercising in new yoga studio

YMCA Club renovation update

YMCA Club upgrades planned for March...
Claire.Gilderson | 25 February 2020
YMCA member, David Bryan, exercising in the YMCA Club in central London

Meet David Bryan – the YMCA Club’s fastest ‘bleeper’!

David, a 33-year-old award winning Animator from Enfield, has been a YMCA Club member for nine years. He also currently holds the enviable Club title of ‘Fastest Bleeper’ having achieved a result of...
Claire.Gilderson | 25 February 2020
6 people lined up about to start the bleep test

Beat the bleep!

Every month at the YMCA Club, Health & Fitness Advisor, Shun-Yin Chan, runs ‘bleep tests’ to measure fitness levels. Bleep tests can be taken by anyone, regardless of age or fitness. Whether you’...
Claire.Gilderson | 25 February 2020

"Why did I have to be so short? PE was my escape"

At 3’ 5”, 11-year-old Kammall from Kennington, was the shortest kid in school. In the face of ridicule, he used sport and Calisthenics to channel his anger. Now 18, the FTA Nike student and...
Claire.Gilderson | 24 February 2020
participants of Swimathon 2017

YMCA Swimathon 2020!

Swimathon is the world’s biggest annual fundraising swim. It has been running for over thirty years and - since it started - has raised more than £48 million for many different charities. Here's...
ymca | 24 February 2020
Hands in the shape of a heart around words "Wellness Wednesday Workshops"

“Little changes can make a big difference”

The ‘Wellness Wednesday Workshops’ return in the New Year. YMCA Club Nutritionist, Nick Owen, and former Michelin Chef turned Personal Trainer and Manager, Ed Lindinas, have joined forces once again...
Claire.Gilderson | 24 February 2020
A brain escaping from a bird cage

Is your mind full or mindful?

“Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other...
ymca | 7 February 2020