Personal Trainer supervising one of his clients

Want a Summer Six-Pack? Try a Personal Trainer

If you’re fed up with your flagging fitness routine or you’re lacking the motivation to reach your goals, investing in a Personal Trainer could provide you with the support and inspira-tion you’re...
Claire.Gilderson | 30 July 2019

"My clients become the best version of themselves"

Magdalena Bednarek is a Personal Trainer, female training specialist and yoga enthusiast who has been part of the YMCA Club team for over two years.
ymca | 30 July 2019
A range of protein and refuel pots in the fridge

Buy any refuel or protein pot and a regular raw juice for just £4.50!

This month, OJ’s Café at the Club, have a range of refuel and protein pots on offer to tickle your taste buds. Our resident Nutritionist, Nick Owen, lifts the lid on their nutritional benefits and...
Claire.Gilderson | 24 July 2019

Meet our YMCA Club veterans!

Following our big 175 birthday this year, we find out why two of our veteran YMCA Club members still keep coming back after all these years…
Claire.Gilderson | 12 June 2019

Our 175th birthday celebrations

If you couldn’t make our big 175th birthday bash, here’s a round-up of what you missed!
Claire.Gilderson | 12 June 2019
YMCA 175 logo - "All May Be One"

Celebrating 175 years

Since 1844, the YMCA Movement has been helping thousands of people all over the world live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. Central YMCA – the first ever YMCA which includes the YMCA Club –...
Claire.Gilderson | 4 June 2019
Matwork Pilates

Matwork Pilates returns to the YMCA Club

The YMCA Club already offers over 125 fitness classes per week, but not one to rest on our laurels, we want to offer you even more! Mat Pilates is making a comeback and YMCA Club’s Fitness Manager...
Claire.Gilderson | 4 June 2019
A woman who is weightlifting

Ladies who lift

Some women fear that lifting heavy weights will make them bulky, but this is unlikely. According to the YMCA Club's Programme and Events Manager - Terri Siabi, lifting heavy weights can help...
ymca | 4 June 2019
Men's Weightlifting

Men's Weightlifting

Weightlifting has many benefits. It helps increase both strength and size. Combined with a healthy eating and hydration regime, plenty of rest, mobility, core strength and plenty of sleep, it also...
ymca | 28 May 2019