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y-swim swimming club

y.swim is a friendly club, which has been a home for Masters swimmers at the YMCA for more than thirty years. 

Who is it for?

The club caters to those interested in competing in Masters pool competitions as well as open water swimming and triathlons. The club is also suitable for those who simply want to further develop technique, fitness and improve performance. Since this is a mixed ability group, the club is not suitable for beginners or those requiring intense individual tuition. Potential members need to be competent in freestyle and have ability in two other strokes. 

How are the sessions run?

A typical session includes a warm up followed by technical and fitness work. Members benefit from the guidance of experienced coaches who help to improve both technique and fitness leading to better swimming. We also organises social activities to complement the coached sessions.  

When does it run?

Club sessions are held twice a week, on Thursday evenings, 8-10pm and Sunday mornings, 9-10.30am with dedicated lanes in each session. 

Is the club registered?

The club is registered with the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).  This allows members to take part in competitions at Master's level and provides insurance and support for coaching development.
To cover the cost of ASA registration, investment in training for the coaches and replacement of equipment, there is small annual club fee which varies depending on whether you compete or not. The basic fee is £32.60 per year.

Do you have to be a member?

The club is open to adults who are either members of the YMCA or take out a day membership. Potential Club members are invited to try the club free of charge for three sessions before making any commitment.
Come along and try a session. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or email us yswimlondon@gmail.com

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