Your Club is changing

Ideashare workshop

As part of our mission to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives, we’ve been taking a look at the space recently to understand how it can help a changing population. 

So that’s why, on Tuesday 17th January, we held an Ideashare workshop to discuss phase one of a Club refurbishment plan,  which will begin in the Spring. But it’s not just about a lick of paint or a new sofa - it’s to fundamentally enhance and improve what we do – bringing people together and creating a community through our Club but also through our nationwide programme of training and education.

With so much knowledge and so many skills within our membership, the evening was a chance for members to feed back on the refurbishment plans and raise any questions or concerns. Don’t worry, if you missed it there will still be plenty of time to have your say.

The evening started with a few mindful exercises, some great refreshments and talks from Architecture 00 who have been helping us on this journey. They have been working within the Club, listening carefully and spending time in our unique space to really understand the big question - how do we develop it without destroying the essence?

Throughout the evening, we gave a video fly through of the changes we’ll see in phase one and lots of questions were asked and answered on how this will impact all our members.

The most important thing we want to get across is that we will stay open throughout and make the impact as minimal as possible for our members.

We will be starting with the classrooms, meeting rooms and study areas, which will allow us to phase the work causing impact before rolling out the next phase. The architects compared the space to a rubix cube, and once worked out, they can unlock spaces to use in a better way.

There was lots of discussion about the pool. This, to both us and our members, is precious and we want to invest in this part of the Club. This is a key feature and we see its importance which is why we will be working on a refurb of the pool without changing any of the structure.

We will be releasing specific information and some FAQs both digitally and within the Club next week and we’ll be holding more feedback sections over the next few months.

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ymca | 19 January 2017