YMCA Club goes green

YMCA Club goes green

We’re proud to announce here at Central YMCA that we’ve been investigating various ways to make our club more ‘green’ – and we’ve achieved some fantastic results!

First of all we have been able to massively reduce our electricity consumption. This year we saved enough electricity to boil 13.2 million kettles and our achievement has been recognised by the Camden Climate Change Alliance. This electricity saving is the equivalent of a whopping 811,554 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – which is as much as you’d used travelling around the world 99 times in a car!

We’ve also been making huge improvements with recycling. In the last 12 months we have recycled 34,960 kg of waste - the equivalent of 73 trees in terms of CO2 savings!

But that’s not enough, we still want to do more. 

Recent changes have included the introduction of recyclable cups, paper straws, and bio-degradable cutlery in the café as well as motion detection lighting in meeting rooms and dimmable lighting to the swimming pool area – all of which are helping to make YMCA Club more environmentally friendly.

ymca | 18 April 2018