Y Active Playscheme: Adventures in the City

Y Active members experiencing the community run Skip Garden

Gardens are known for their capacity to provide people an escape from their chaotic and stressful daily lives. They also provide a place in which people can re-connect with nature and take the time to relax, re-affirm and rejuvenate their physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The YMCA Club has for these reasons partnered with Global Generation to provide the young people at our Y-Active kids club the opportunity to visit immersive garden spaces and learn about the environment.

This August the Y-Active playscheme visited the Skip Garden and the young people documented their day with messages to their experiences.

Dear Scones,
Today I learn how to make you. This is my first time cooking on a garden. Today I feel like a chef.

Dear Window House,
I liked crafting inside of you. (Even if you didn't keep us dry) It was fun crafting with the sound of rain in the background.

Dear Flowers,
We never realized how colourful you are, as you stand out in Skip Garden. You make the garden brighter. You give the world a sensational scent. You dazzle everyone’s eyes, making sure that they know you are beautiful. The bees don't love you for no reason. You are so much better than worms! You stand out at the top of the world and everyone should pay attention to you.

Dear Worm, 
You’re so nice and I like you because you’re so slimy and slippery and scaly. You are kind of disgusting but that’s still nice though. You may shoot out yellow liquid but I like it.

Dear Mother Worm,
I used to disrespect you, misunderstand the wonders of the worms but now I like you and understand. You compost the rubbish in the ground. You eat the food, process the food and then it comes out (it happened on me). Thank you.

Dear Worms, 
It was very lovely to visit your home but I don’t think I will be coming back any time soon even if you scare me it was really cool to look around.

Dear Window house,
You are very cool (literally) but the experience was great and I really enjoyed crafting in you. However you need to work on your waterproof skills as we got wet and I mean sopping. 

Dear the Rain,
Today we went inside the glasshouse it was really sunny and dry but in a few minutes it started pouring with rain whilst we were crafting our flour squares. I could smell the lavender, and chocolate mint in the air and I could also smell the mud and soil too.

Dear Window House,
I liked crafting inside of you. (Even if you didn't keep us dry) It was fun crafting with the sound of rain in the background.

Dear Lavender,
Today was the first time I smell you in the best way, It was so nice to have you in my hand and feel you smell you with my nose and see you under the lovely rain dancing. Bees like you so they pick you, when a bee lands on you welcome her with happiness and allow her to take the nectar form you. Thank You.

Global Generation is an educational charity that provides and cultivates community gardens through collaborations with local businesses, schools and young people. Like the YMCA Club, Global Generation are passionate about providing opportunity to all young people, and use their garden spaces to offer practical experiences and employment opportunities to those who want and need them.

At Global Generation’s ‘Skip Garden’ centre in King’s Cross, Y-Active have learnt about growing fruit and vegetables and, most importantly, about the value of our precious ecology.

The Skip Centre is a movable food garden that sits in stark contrast to the rest of the urban environment, and is the largest of the 26 community and commercial gardens that Global Generation manage. As the name suggests, the garden hosts a number of large skips, in which herbs, chillies, apples, sweet potatoes and cabbages are grown, and in which students learn how the food that ends up on their dinner plates is grown.

Since their establishment in 2004, Global Generation have provided approximately 10,000 opportunities for local children and young people to learn about the environment and community gardening.

ymca | 1 September 2017