World Poetry Day - 21st of March

To mark World Poetry Day on the 21st of March, Club member Denis Luckin has shared an inspiring poem with us. 

Dennis is a poet and voice over artist and explains that this poem "says precisely everything about me". 

’Every morning I open my eyes

I know my rights,

I’m a messenger of equanimity

And a guard of a vibrance

I want to be consumer, contributor and distributor of pills of happiness

And it  was never a fantasy or miracle

It’s just day to day maintenance

And my will is to placebo you with my words and action

Every responsible choice of an act is an act against destruction

Age of mess is transformed into divine message

Intel your genes into becoming a fighter of intelligence

Change the blues tune and replace your life-player

Kill the past

This year is the year of Love, Equanimity and Care”

Alice Pizzey | 1 January 2021