Wonderful donation to YMCA Club

My name is Steve Edwards. I am a printmaker, and I make linocuts.

My current practice is to overlay multiple lino blocks to create an image.

Sunburst, my latest piece, is built up of 7 individual lino blocks that are layered on top of each other with different marks and cuts made on each of them.

In my prints, I capture moments which juxtapose elemental factors like the sky, weather, light and water with the manmade.

I love printmaking. It combines planning and creativity, two things I enjoy, and the process inspires just as much as what I am trying to convey.

Linocut is a very versatile practice, as you can carve and etch it. The methods I use in etching allow unpredictability and carry an uncontrollable element. This combination of the controlled cut marks and the uncontrolled etched marks come together to create the image.

After the first stage of the recent YMCA Club refurbishment was completed earlier this year, I was very impressed that it had not fundamentally changed the Club’s character. In fact, in my eyes, it had enhanced it. So, as I make prints of London and the YMCA Club is in London, I thought a donation would be an appropriate gesture.

I think the Club is a wonderful resource, with great facilities. It is well maintained, vibrant and above all inclusive of everyone. That for me is the essence of it. I love seeing people of all ages, genders, nationalities and abilities, all encouraged and included in the Club’s programming and environment.

Long may it continue.

Steve Edwards

ymca | 2 July 2018