Winter Wellness with Shiatsu

Winter Wellness with Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing therapy influenced by both Chinese and Western knowledge. It is well known for being a deeply relaxing treatment, designed to help regulate the flow of the energy in body.

The aim of Shiatsu is to restore or correct the body’s energy flow, allowing the body to heal itself and regular treatments are commonly used to help prevent the build-up of stress. Although Shiatsu uses ‘hands-on’ application, it should not be confused with conventional massage therapies. Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, and is based on similar principles to Chinese acupuncture but instead of needles the Shiatsu practitioner will use their fingers, hands and elbows.

Shiatsu is generally practiced on a futon on the floor, and involves stimulation of acupressure points, stretches and holding techniques. However, it is possible to receive Shiatsu sitting on a chair if the client has difficulties lying down.

What can Shiatsu do for you?

Shiatsu is designed to help regulate the flow of energy within the body, removing blockages and creates balance to the body’s energy systems. The aim is to restore the body’s energy flow allowing the body to heal itself and, in turn, all major systems begin to improve. Shiatsu treatments are deeply relaxing and harmonises the Ki inside the body, regular Shiatsu sessions can make a difference to your quality of life, physically and emotionally.

You do not need to be ill to benefit from Shiatsu. Shiatsu can promote stress relief, relaxation, and aid sleep, relieve tension and help reduce depression, stress, anger and anxiety. Shiatsu can help make a difference in your quality of life and can be used as a framework to help you make positive health changes.

What to expect in a Shiatsu treatment

A typical Shiatsu treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes, although the first session may be slightly longer as your practitioner will be required to take a detailed case history. These details will include lifestyle and medical history as well as the main symptoms/reasons for your visit in order to develop a complete picture of your health.

Using the principles of oriental medicine along with the information the client provides, your practitioner will make an evaluation of your state of health including the reasons for your visit. Depending on your constitution and general energy levels, your practitioner will develop the most suitable treatment plan for you.

The client stays fully clothed at all times and is required to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Please note that although we operate out of the Central YMCA Club, all contact must be made directly with Shiyatsu. For more details please see our website or find us on Facebook at Shiyatsu.


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ymca | 1 December 2015