Spotlight on: Magda

In the spotlight this month is female training specialist and yoga enthusiast Magda, a #YMCAclubExpert who has been part of the YMCA Club team for the last 16 months.

You can usually see Magda on the gym floor working out and running circuits. She can often be found chatting with members about their fitness routines, exercise form or diets; she’s a massive foodie. She loves the outdoors, but is also no stranger to a good box set!

What are your 3 tips to help us all to keep our health and fitness a priority?
First and foremost - find your balance. Where there is harmony between training, nutrition, sleep, rest, play and connections with other people, there is health. Listen to your body. Sleep when you are tired, eat when you are hungry, cry when you are sad.

The body that you understand and have a good communication with will surprise you with a display of great potential when you hit the gym floor. In return for your attention it will start working for you in a way you always wanted it to.

Make your goals unrelated to weight or body image. Search for a desire to be faster, stronger, more flexible, balance better, breath deeper, whatever is important to you but it’s not a jean size or a number on a scale.

What is your regular fitness routine?
For the past year, due to some health issues I had to redefine my training and come up with a much more gentle and restorative approach. I do a lot of yoga, with vinyasa being my favorite yoga style. I also swim, walk a lot and do some simple body weight training.

At the moment it’s just important for me to keep moving my body in any way it feels right. I am however hoping to return to the weight room soon. Weight lifting was a massive part of my routine and I used to do split training four times a week.

What are your proudest achievements, fitness or otherwise?
Following the feeling that I have to work with people on their journeys to becoming the best versions of themselves and successfully changing career at the age of 35.

What is your favourite quote?
I am not big on quotes, however, I do like affirmations and mantras. My favourite one that helped me through a lot of difficult or challenging situations is 'I am. I can. I will'. 

Share one of your personal top secrets for keeping fit and healthy in mind body and spirit?
Trusting your body as it’s the best teacher you have on your journey. Stop for a moment, listen carefully and if you respond with deep honesty you will know what to do, what to eat and how to move your body. It’s really that simple yet so difficult. It is however a learnable skill.

How would you describe your teaching style and how do you help your members reach their goals?
In one word, flexible. I show up as I am. I listen. I ask questions. I encourage body and mind feelings, emotions and conversation. I allow space for self-discovery.

Personal training for me is so much more than two hours a week of going through and counting motions. It’s also an opportunity to challenge your thinking, encourage yourself to do things differently and find your own way to a happy and healthy life.

What health and fitness app do you use to help?
My activity tracker app. I like knowing what my heart is doing and how I sleep. I also have quite a few guided meditation apps on my phone so that I can use my 20 minutes on the tube to connect with my breath and myself.

What do you love about your job?
Seeing people grow! It makes me so happy and I feel privileged to be a witness of great transformations both in the body and in mind.

What has your job taught you about yourself?
My job allows me to activate my energy, it has taught me how to reach for it and use it to enhance experiences. It also taught me that my empathy stores are very deep and that I am very good for holding a space for my clients.

If you had another life, in another world, what would your dream job be?
I am not sure in what capacity but I would still be working with people and providing guidance on their self-development journeys.

What does a good day look like?
A day spent in the sun near the ocean with people I care about is my idea of heaven. But in everyday life, a day spent being true to myself is a great day. It doesn’t mean it’s always a happy day but I’ve learnt that the difficult ones are the most valuable and give me the most insight.

What is important to you?
To be real and surround myself with real people. To inspire and to be inspired. Nature.

ymca | 2 July 2018