Reality check about fat, muscle and losing weight

Reality check about fat, muscle and losing weight

Reality check about fat, muscle and losing weight. By Martin Coles, YMCA Club personal trainer.

There is a myth that you need to exercise to lose weight!

The reality is you can shed those unwanted pounds by eating fewer calories than you burn.

Here is a useful list that will keep your reality in check when it comes to fat, muscle and losing weight.

1. If you avoid exercise, you won’t retain as much muscle, which means it’ll be harder for you to eliminate stubborn fat and get that "toned slender look" that so many people struggle to achieve.

2. Less muscle also slows down your metabolism, which means you’ll have to eat even less food to see the scales drop further.

3. Eventually this inefficient metabolism will see you gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose - whenever you stop dieting.

You can do better than that!

Scientific research says that a resistance training program (weight lifting) coupled with a sensible eating plan will help stoke metabolism and burn the most fat in the quickest time possible.

  • By adding resistance training to your routine, you will speed up the fat burning process by turning your muscles into more efficient fat-burning machines.

What more resistance training is also good for?

  • Bone and cardiovascular health
  • Optimising glucose control so your body can process carbohydrates effectively
  • Burning more calories during your session
  • Stimulating your fat burning metabolism long after you finished

Dieting and fat!

Often people get to their goal weight only to find they are still are still left with stubborn areas of fat?

  • Getting toned requires that you stimulate your muscles with heavier loads and by eating the right foods (in the right amounts), to keep it there. This is the real key to transforming your body, rather than obsessing over a smaller number on the scale.

Other advantages of Resistance Training

  • Resistance Training provides faster visible results with less time spent in the gym than cardio only routines. Not only will you have to work out fewer times per week, you’ll also have shorter sessions (you’d be shocked what you can achieve in just 3x 1 hour workouts per week). This is because exercise intensity is much more important than duration for eliminating fat.

Research studies have shown that when you compare a group of individuals who completed just aerobic (cardio) training vs a group of individuals who completed a weight training (with both groups following the same diet plan), the weight training + aerobic group lost up to 35% more fat than just the aerobic only.

But doesn't lifting weights make you bulky?

It is common misconception that lifting weights will make women look manly or huge.

Ladies, I’ve got news for you: this is rarely the case - and only happens if this was your goal in the first place. You have to exercise and eat in excess - getting big is a life-consuming activity that won’t happen by accident. By increasing your muscle mass through resistance training, you'll lose fat and firm up. Because muscle is more dense than fat, this actually makes you smaller!

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ymca | 14 December 2015