Q+A with Valentin Petrov, our Level 3 PT Apprentice

What's your tip to keep health and fitness at the top of our lists this year?
Stay focused on your decision to have a healthier lifestyle and the reason you made it.
What's your regular fitness routine?
I really like free weights plus some body weight exercises and I usually do both every day. 
  • Day One I do the compound movements like Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press plus body weight push ups and pull ups at the end of the workout.
  • Day Two I do a separate muscle group but with lighter weight and I do higher repetitions. And basically I repeat these two days of training and at the end of the week I have a rest day.
What's your proudest achievement?
Travelling alone in to the UK with the dream to become the best PT I could be! I am so proud of getting this opportunity here at YMCA Club so soon after my arrival from Bulgaria, now I cannot see myself working doing anything else.
What's your favourite quote?
I don’t have a favourite quote but I like the saying: Born to be real, Not to be perfect!
Share one of your top secrets for keeping fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit?
The most important thing is to be positive no matter what. I try to keep a positive mindset which helps me get through difficulties and obstacles. This way, I find that you will be in peace and harmony with yourself.
How would you describe your teaching style and how do you help your members reach their goals?
I like to keep members motivated and push them out of their comfort zone. The extra mile they go is the most important thing for being fit. I often support through their sessions by doing a set with them! - that way I am not only pushing from the side but also engaging them to do more.
What health and fitness app do you use?
I am not a huge fan of fitness apps in general, but for nutrition I use Fitness Pal.
What do you love about your job?
Helping people achieve their fitness goals and making them feel better not only outside but also inside. 
What has your job taught you about yourself?
Nothing can stop you if you want something really badly.
If you had another life in another world, what would your dream job be?
It would have to be a footballer, or maybe as I love drawing, a painter.
What does a good day look like?
Starting the day with a nice breakfast in the morning followed by a walk in the park and lunch with friends. Did I mention sunny weather? definitely sunny! A training session in the afternoon and cinema night accompanied with friends and family. Failing that a day in Bora Bora would do just fine!!
What's important to you?
My family and friends to be healthy and happy. Achieve what we want to achieve and live a life without sadness on our faces.
ymca | 7 February 2018