Q+A with Teresa Waite, Postive Health team

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In the spotlight this month is Teresa,  a #YMCA Club Expert with the Positive Health Team. Teresa has been part of the YMCA club for the past five years as a volunteer fitness advisor, circuits instructor and Personal Trainer. She joined the Positive Health Team last summer. Teresa helps people of all ages, especially those with medical conditions, become stronger and healthier.  She specialises in teaching people how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, build functional and core strength, and improve stamina and mobility.

What are your 3 tips to help us all to keep our health and fitness on top of our list for the New Year?

  • Make your health and fitness a priority by scheduling regular gym or outdoor training in your diary - even if it's just 20 minutes at home.  I like morning best, but whatever time, if it's booked it's more likely to happen.
  • Choose activities that you enjoy, something that brings colour to your cheeks and releases your feel-good hormones.
  • Seek support from a friend, trainer or class instructor to train effectively, consistently and progressively.

What is your regular fitness routine?
I try to do something everyday. Usually 3 or 4 full-body training sessions a week with weights and a mix of cardio. On the other days I will run in the park, and on Sundays I often take a long walk with my family in the country or around town. 

What are your proudest achievements, fitness or otherwise?
Building a successful second career in fitness and helping people achieve their goals; whether it's helping members feeling more confident in the gym, running a marathon or playing pain-free with their grandchildren. Also being mum to two amazing daughters who keep me energised; they were the reason I went to the gym in the first place.

What is your favourite quote?
I have two favourite quotes. One is that 'life is like riding a bicycle: you have to keep moving to stay balanced'. The other is that 'we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing'. 

How would you describe your teaching style and how do you help your members reach their goals?
I adapt my teaching style to the person because everyone learns differently. Mostly I aim to be positive, playful and encouraging; challenging people with humour to move a bit out of their comfort zone, so progress can happen. In the same vein, I think movement and play are the keys to keeping fit in mind, body and spirit. Keeping fit should be fun, something exciting that you get to do, not something horrible that you have to do.  Run around, jump, dance, throw a ball or skip and laugh a little while you're at it. 

What health and fitness app do you use to help/
I don't use many apps except Deezer for music. I sometimes recommend My Fitness Pal for tracking nutrition and Gym Boss for interval timing. 

What do you love about your job?
I love my job because I can make a difference, and because I can wear shorts and trainers to work. One of my clients recently said that the hour she spent training with me was the best part of her day. That made my year. 

What has your job taught you about yourself?
The job has taught me that most people are stronger than they think, they usually just need a bit of encouragement.  

If you had a another life, in another world, what would their dream job be?
I'd still be a personal trainer, but the other world would be always sunny and warm and I would train outside.

What does a good day look like?
A good day starts with a sunrise run in the park, teaching a class and training clients, taking a break to lift weights and later go out for dinner and show with my family and friends.

What is important to you?
Staying fit and healthy in mind, body and spirit, always learning and playing.


ymca | 9 January 2018