Paul celebrates 20 years of working at YMCA Club

We caught up with Paul Jelley to talk about his 20 years of working at YMCA Club.
How long have you worked at the club and what is your role within the club?  
I have volunteered at the Club since 1983, been paid as an art technician since 1998 and additionally as a course coordinator since March 2003. Both paid roles are part time and I am still doing them at present.
What courses do you currently deliver for the Evening and weekend courses programme?   
I currently deliver two evening ceramics workshops in which attendees can develop an awareness and practice of various topics related to the use of clay. This includes throwing on the wheel, turning, firing and glazing, slip casting and hand building.
What other courses are available for members and non-members to do?  
Other courses on our books include languages such as Italian (early next year) and Spanish, Sculpture from Life (next course scheduled for early January), Alexander Technique, Hypnosis for Relaxation, Mindfulness, Drama, Cookery (early next year) and Swedish and Thai massage.  Information about the courses is available on our club website or you can email me for more information.
Any interesting  stories about the art room or any courses that you have run over the years  that you would like to share?  
You might be surprised to know that we have had a few well-known public figures on our courses through the decades. For example, Orlando Bloom was a student on sculpture and photography classes in our art room. This was before digital photography, so some time ago!
Can members book the art room for private events?  
Our art room is available for hire, with or without a tutor, for private events. Contact me for a quote at or you can call me directly on 0207 343 1728.  
ymca | 3 November 2017