New healthy weight programme

Are you someone who struggles with your weight? Our new 10-week course can help you overcome your difficulties.
ymca | 2 September 2016
plate of salad and cous cous

Changing perspective

A more mindful approach can make a big difference to our health, happiness and prevent the ageing process, explain Fitness Manager Hamit Buhara and nutritionist Nick Owen.
Joe | 9 August 2016

YMCA Member Q&A with Mark Finch

This month we speak to Mark Finch, 47, a production manager and member of YMCA Club for 12 years.
Joe | 8 August 2016
We Talk 'What's Hot' on the BBQ

We Talk 'What's Hot' on the BBQ

Sparking this summer's nutritional revolution, Nick Owen explores the best ways to absorb the most nutrients from the lick of a flame. Let's dig in.
ymca | 6 July 2016
Vitamin D - Are you getting enough?

Vitamin D - Are you getting enough?

Over the past few years, people have become far more aware of the harm caused by too much sun. They’ve taken onboard the advice of medics and started to use SPFs to protect against harmful rays....
ymca | 12 May 2016
Seared tuna recipe

Recipe: Seared tuna with spring greens & baby potatoes

This seared tuna steak with soy, honey & ginger sauce is an easy fish dish with plenty of flavour and flexibility - and a great range of nutrients. Tuna gives a good hit of quality protein, the...
ymca | 11 April 2016
Chicken Focaccia

Recipe: Chicken Focaccia

A fast and easy dish containing essential macro nutrients in sufficient quantities to kick-start the post-workout repair process, with a good selection of micro nutrients to maximise this and taste...
ymca | 4 March 2016
fitness tracking apps and wearable tech

Put a spring in your step with wearable tech

Did you realise that we are now better poised than at any time in history to achieve our health and fitness goals? We now have access to more apps and wearable teach that ever before. Read on for a...
ymca | 3 March 2016
balanced diet and nutrition

Less fat, more muscle for 2016

'Less Fat, More Muscle' came across loud and clear as the prime objective from our recent Body Composition Analysis sessions with members. With Nick, Yat and Tom on the stand, ably...
ymca | 8 February 2016