Get on Track at YMCA Club

Get on Track at YMCA Club

Are you 16-25? Looking for work, training, education or volunteering opportunities?

Get On Track is a mentoring programme led by world-class athletes to help you improve your communication, teamwork, confidence, health and well-being.

So far 70% of young people who have taken part in Get On Track have moved into employment, education or training within five months.

Do you want to Get On Track?

The programme also focuses on physical activity and nutrition, providing opportunity to reflect on those topics, promoting an understanding of health and wellbeing which will assist with the confidence, and ambition into work. We will introduce participants to a wide variety of physical activity opportunities in the community, and provide a selection of workshops on nutrition, mental health, wellbeing, body image, and promote critical thinking around health in the media.

When: Tuesday 30 June 2015 – Thursday 7 August 2015 (Celebration event on 12 August )- 6 weeks employability programme. 3-4 days a week

> On Your Marks (3 days/1 week) > Get Set ( 14 days over 5 weeks) > Go (1 day)

> Keep In Touch (1 year)

Where: YMCA Club, just off Tottenham Court Road, and the surrounding community.

Cost: Free (including Lunch and Travel)

Referral Criteria: Age: 16 – 25, NEET or at Risk of being NEETs

Benefits of the programme:
1. Qualifications (First Aid, etc)
2. Development Bursary
3. Three Month Gym Membership
4. Work Placement
5. Job Centre Certified (substitute to signing on)
6. Lunch provided
7. Travel Paid
8. Celebration of Achievements
9. On-going support / mentoring for 1 year
How does it work?
Olympians, Paralympians and top athletes have experienced the highs and lows of world class competition. They know what it takes to overcome barriers and still have the will to succeed. Athlete mentors inspire young people to improve:

  • Confidence and self-belief,
  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Resilience and future aspirations for life
  • Health and wellbeing

The results
“Get on Track helped me realise life is what you make of it. You get out what you put in. Since Get on Track I have got myself a job. It has given me the confidence to achieve what I want out of life.” - Christian, 22

In the past year 70% of young people who took part in Get On Track were in employment, education or training within three months after completing. They are no longer part of the NEET statistic.

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ymca | 17 June 2015