Let's make Autumn Awesome! 3: New classes & more

Our nutritionist Nick Owen is encouraging all our members to get stuck into Awesome Autumn. Here are some of his ideas to get you moving. 


For your all round fitness, how about training for the YTRI, our annual triathlon which starts on Monday 10th October?

There are some great training tips to explore. But make sure you sign up soon so as not to miss out.

Say good bye to booze

What about Go Sober October? That is definitely going to make a huge difference to our health – as well as our body composition.

We hear conflicting views that some alcohol is good for us – and I have nothing against the odd drink on the odd social occasion. For many of us it is a part of being social. However, I think this comment from Breaking Muscle puts it nicely into perspective: ''Alcohol presents a detriment to muscle building, so abstain whenever possible. If you feel that alcohol consumption is still worthwhile on occasion in social situations, the less alcohol the better.''

Here is some further useful reading about what alcohol does to our body:

How alcohol messes with your fitness goals

Alcohol impairs hypertrophy and messes with your hormones

Autumn Classes / try something different

Whatever your level our timetable has over 125 classes to choose from each week. Our instructors are all super friendly and there to help you. You may even make some new friends! 

Here are some new ones to try this autumn:

Primal Strength and Stretch

Wednesday 12.30pm-1.10pm

This combines the best of Primal Patterns and Supple Strength disciplines to challenge your strength, flexibility and coordination. Fluid sequences of bodyweight movements work every single muscle of your body. Whether you are a yogi, gymnast, runner or weight lifter, Primal Strength and Stretch is the perfect supplement for your training.

HIIT Combat

Thursday 6.15-6.45pm

A high-intensity interval class using simple choreography to music, based on a fusion of martial arts and kick boxing. It's guaranteed to leave you breathless. Using a variety of kick and punch combinations, this class is a super stress-release and a fantastic way to get extremely fit.

Team Boxfit

Saturday 1pm-1.30pm

Learn the fundamental skills and boxing techniques using a combination of padwork, kick pads and body weight exercises. Let off some steam in this Boxing circuit style class.

Free-friend Friday

Don't forget, every Friday Members can bring a friend for free! So if you want a friend to join the class with you, why not invite them along?

Last but not least – the member's referal prize draw!

Did you know that if you refer a friend in October you’ll be entered into a draw to win a drive in a luxurious Maserati Gran Cabrio? Not just that, everyone who refers a new member will also get 50% off their next month’s membership. Find out more.

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About the Author

Nick Owen is a qualified nutritional adviser and holds a Diploma in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice. Nick uses nutrition to support a wide variety of client goals. These include weight management, fat loss and muscle building, general health and well-being, improved energy levels, concentration and complexion. Nick’s approach is practical and realistic, starting with an analysis of current eating patterns and lifestyle, and then working over a series of consultations to support achievement of the desired goals.

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ymca | 30 September 2016