8 Steps to Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Our resident Nutritionist, Nick Owen tells us there is no substitute for consistently making healthy food choices.
ymca | 23 July 2020
A colourful range of fruit and vegetables next to Love Your Liver sign

Love your liver

For many of us, January is the time to adopt a healthier lifestyle, especially if we’ve overindulged or been less active over the Christmas holidays. To help us get back on track for 2020, the YMCA’s...
Claire.Gilderson | 9 December 2019

How to avoid over-indulging this Christmas!

How do I balance festivities and fitness? Nick the Nutritionist guides us through a healthier holiday season.
Claire.Gilderson | 10 November 2019
A range of protein and refuel pots in the fridge

Buy any refuel or protein pot and a regular raw juice for just £4.50!

This month, OJ’s Café at the Club, have a range of refuel and protein pots on offer to tickle your taste buds. Our resident Nutritionist, Nick Owen, lifts the lid on their nutritional benefits and...
Claire.Gilderson | 24 July 2019
Cooking for health

Cooking for health

The brand new evening course gives you all the tips you need to start cooking CLEAN...
ymca | 27 June 2017

The 'new' all year perspective

Nick Owen our nutritionist expert gives us the rundown of how to create a realistic new year health routine.
ymca | 5 January 2017

Let's make Autumn Awesome! 4: Mobility

Our nutritionist Nick Owen concludes his Awesome Autumn blog series with a look at mobility.
Joe | 3 October 2016

Let's make Autumn Awesome! 3: New classes & more

There is plenty on at the YMCA Club that can help you towards your Awesome Autumn goals. Our nutritionist Nick Owen suggests some ideas to up your training focus.
ymca | 30 September 2016

Let's make Autumn Awesome! 2: Nutrition goals

Our nutritionist Nick Owen continues his Awesome Autumn series of blogs by encouraging us to review how we think about food.
ymca | 30 September 2016