New for 2018: A swimming pool special

Welcome to the newest pool in London! 

Over the last 3 months we have been enhancing and improving the Club space - and in particular refurbishing the swimming pool, sauna and steam room (as well as creating more reading and relaxing areas for you to enjoy). 

New timetable for 2018

Nassim, our Pool Fitness Manager, has put together a really exciting timetable of activities for the swimming pool. Over the coming month we will be looking to convert this timetable into an online format so it is easier for you to see when your favourite classes or sessions are running, as well as highlighting how many lanes are free throughout the day. 

See the 2018 timetable


Coaching sessions and courses

For members looking to improve their swimming technique, need some encouragment and motivation or are looking to train for events we have within the Club some great instructors that you can help you.

1-2-1 Training sessions

We have two great, Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) qualified instructors here at the Club who will be able to help you achieve your goals. Contact either Abena or David to set up an initial consultation and they will devise a personalised, bespoke sessions that are tailored to meet your requirements. 

Swimming short courses

From Friday 26th January we have a two 8-week courses running.

Our beginners course aims to develop water confidence, movement and breathing skills to help construct a sound technique, providing beginners with foundations to develop and improve their swimming ability. Our intermediate/experienced course will improve your technique in front crawl, breast stroke and back stroke and, if you wish, start learning butterfly with this intermediate course. Both taught by Martin Purcell, an ASA-qualified Level 2 swim teacher.

Each session is 45minutes, Club members receive a 30% discount on the course cost. Courses are open to non-members as well.

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Sports Clubs

Swimming Club

Our Swimming Club provides coached training sessions designed to help swimmers improve their technique, speed and stamina. This club is open to adults of any age but as this is a mixed ability membership it isn't suitable for beginners or those requiring intense tuition. The Club is registered with the ASA which allows members to take part in competitions at Master's level and provides insurance and support for coaching development.

If you’re seeking the competitive edge to improve your motivation and dedication, it may be just what you’re look for. Classes run:

  • Thursday, 8-10pm
  • Sunday, 9.30-11.00am

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Triathlon Club

If you are training for a triathlon but are struggling with the swimming element or simply want to supercharge your stroke to complete your target distance, the Triathlon club is for you. The Club has two coached sessions which is free to all members and guests. 


  • Technique session: 7.30-8pm
  • Main session: 8-9pm 

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Gallery of the project

Over the last few months we have been tracking the refurbishment progress of the pool. 

We are really excited that the pool is now reopened, and look forward to seeing as many of you in 2018. 

ymca | 11 January 2018