Myzone MZ3 launch at YMCA Club

Myzone Belt Central YMCA Club London

To show how serious we are about the launch of the newest Myzone health and fitness tracking device the MZ-3, we have a very happy Christmas offer for you!

1. We have 50 of the newest Myzone modules in stock that will be sold at the very jolly price of £49.99 (usually £129.99). Don’t worry if you cannot grab one in time as once the 50 special offers are snapped up, YMCA Club members can still buy them online through the discount link located on our Facebook page at the discounted cost of £79.99. So make sure you like and follow our page so you don’t miss out.

2. You can also buy for a friend, and the Myzone device can be used outside of the Club – on any smartphone via the Myzone app.

3. If you would like to know more before jumping into the latest Myzone craze read on:

The Club was one of first sites in the world to test MyZone prior to its global popularity. With the launch of the MZ-3, the Club is ready to take it to the next level.

Why? Because we know from members that Myzone is in demand and it’s fun!

MZ3 comes with an app for your smartphone which enables you to link up with other Myzone users and see each other’s workout sessions – you can comment and like (just like Facebook) and share your hard work and effort with other Myzoners!

You’re able to track your workouts over time and set goals.

The app is designed to motivate you through team challenges and offer social accountability options.

Fitness Anywhere

Whether you like to train in the gym, at home or in your local environment, Myzone will track your workouts. With the app and Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to see your workout in real-time through the app. For the times you don’t have your phone, the module will store 16 hours’ worth of data which can then be downloaded – either through your phone or via a MYZONE upload point in the Club.

You will receive an e-mail after each successful upload with details of your effort over the workout period, once you have achieved the minimum guidelines for physical activity (150 minutes per week) you will also receive an additional e-mail congratulating you for your efforts.

With Myzone, along with our fantastic selection of classes, equipment and environment, we aim to make your health and fitness goals fun, engaging and effective.

Want more info? Read all about it here or an e-mail Hamit.

ymca | 4 December 2015