Men. Why so Studio Shy?

Studio Shy Men.

There’s no denying that the studios are a female dominated environment in the gym, but let’s face it, how outdated is that? News flash boys – there are no leotards, tights, cheesy soundtracks or girl talk. Nor do the studios here at the YMCA resemble the infamous ‘call on me’ video. Let’s get rid of the stigma and dispel those myths right now.

There are classes that are largely thought of as women’s classes but does that mean they’re not open to men? No. Does that mean that men have nothing to gain or learn here? Double no. Does that mean it’s easy in there? Absolutely not! There are lots of classes on our timetable that would aid your training, introduce you to new people and offer you new skills and that’s nothing to be scoffed at.

Training alone all the time can be a bit lonely and dare I say, boring. So why not mix it up but joining a class like Circuits or TRX and meet a whole bunch of likeminded people who will no doubt soon be training with you every week?

Our instructors are not all toothy grins and joyful shouts of ‘5, 6, 7, 8.’ Fitness instructors will not only deliver a well-balanced, structured workout that takes the pressure out of you planning your sessions, they will push you, encourage you, and work with you on anything you are struggling with. Coming into a Sculpt class could teach you some new lifting sequences and the proper techniques that will help you get the lean definition you are looking for.

Are you the competitive type? Studio classes are a great way to push yourself harder. Every class is an opportunity to have a dance-off with the gentleman next to you, lift more than the lady in front of you and if those guys aren’t stopping – you’re not stopping. The studio can become your battle ground.

And now the part I was dreading, I know this will be tough but we are going to have to talk about it. Deep breath... Dancing. Yes men, the studios have a few dance-based exercises classes. Zumba, Aero-dance, Ballet. I know that there are many of you out there cringing at the thought of being surrounded by women and being expected to follow choreography but relax that face, it’s not all shimmies and shakes. The idea of a class is to teach you something, if you’re not a natural mover then this is the best way to learn. A new skill that – let’s face it – could come in handy at the office Christmas party this year, your friend’s wedding or impressing a date with some cool moves. You’re never too old to learn. Equally Yoga may seem a little calmer than the workouts you are used to, but everyone could use a little calm every now and then. Yoga is ideal for stretching, preventing injuries and de-stressing.

My final plea to get you boys into the studio is this: IT’S FUN.
Self-explanatory. Shake it, punch it, stretch it out in the studio and forget about the outside world. Your desk can wait, your mobile phone can wait and your friends will survive without you because for that 45 mins it’s just you, the tunes, your instructor, your team around you and your body. It’s a great feeling. Laugh, smile, grit your teeth and enjoy every second. 

ymca | 3 June 2016