Member Stories: Stan

YMCA Club member Stan tells us about his fitness journey, and staying healthy at 95.

Why did you decide to incorporate fitness into your life?
I worked as an engineer before retiring and I needed to keep moving to maintain my health.  

How did you get started?
I joined the club 15 years ago because I like swimming and it had a great pool then - and still does now!

How many times per week do you exercise?
I come to the gym twice per week and walk a lot outside.

What exercises did you start with?
Swimming and walking! I then joined the older adults classe programme and now take part in Declan’s Healthy Hearts circuit class on Friday mornings.

What exercises are part of your regular routine now?
Swimming and walking.

What’s been the most positive change in your life since exercising?
Very few health problems at the age of 95.

How has YMCA helped you and your journey?
It is a friendly place and I have made friends here as well which helps to avoid loneliness at my age.  

Do you think the YMCA Club is quite a good place for any gym goers?
Yes it has a lot of facilities for older people and the general groups.  

Will you stick to your fitness plan?

Do you have any advice for gym-newbies? How would you encourage them to get into fitness?
Keep moving as it helps with your health and keep making new friends!  

ymca | 1 November 2017