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George Fattal

YMCA Club member George Fattal tells us about his fitness journey, on setting goals and achieving them.

Why did you decide to incorporate fitness into your life?
When I was 18 years old, I decided to shape my body and focus on loosing body fat. I find fitness really fun and engaging, so through my workouts, my passion for exercise was born.

How did you get started?
One of my friends offered me a free gym pass, so I did it and liked it a lot.

Tell us about the most difficult obstacles you’ve encountered on your journey?
I think one of the biggest obstacles I faced was when you set a goal, you train hard for it but you reach a plateau and it feels like you put all your energy and effort but there is no progress. It takes weeks, sometimes months, and this is the hardest period to stay motivated.

How did you overcome these obstacles?
I do believe that all of us can succeed if we stay disciplined and focus on our goals. This is what I always do when I focus at hard times. Head down and work hard.   

How many times per week do you train now? How many times were you doing at the beginning?
Since I was introduced to exercises, I’ve been working out 6 times a week, if it’s a bad week then 7.

What exercises did you start with?
My start was very simple. I did cardio on the treadmill and used the cross-trainer. My body doesn’t need fancy exercises to start transforming. It’s best to keep it simple and effective.

What exercises are part of your regular routine now?
My must-do exercises are running and lifting weights. Every time I come I also do a class, often either a circuit, cycle or boxing class.

What’s been the most positive change in your life since?
In the beginning when you start to train you feel like you don’t know anything and you feel weak. But time goes by and you build experience, confidence and also strength, so feeling strong and confident are the biggest changes for me.

How has YMCA helped you and your journey?
Teachers at the YMCA club always inspire, encourage and advise. They always find a moment to listen and help.

Do you think the YMCA Club is quite a good place for any gym goers?
This is the biggest gym in central London, you have the best staff and greatest timetable. Also its best value for price in the area. It’s a fantastic place to start your fitness journey.

Will you stick to your fitness plan?
I do like to experiment and see what works best. I’m trying new workout plans to meet my goals.

Do you have any advice for gym-newbies? How would you encourage them to get into fitness?
Beginning might be tough. Never stop challenging yourself. It can be a small step, but as long as you move forward it’s great. Stick to your plan and go hard.

ymca | 29 September 2017