Let's make Autumn Awesome! 1: Reviewing your goals

Our nutritionist Nick Owen kicks off his Awesome Autumn series with the first of four blogs that explores ways to get back on track with your fitness regime.

We have done that thing called summer. Some of us will be pleased with how we have looked and felt over the last few months, but if you feel like a change of focus, routine and a fresh challenge, now is the perfect time to implement that desire to change. We have the impetus of autumn – less tempting weather outdoors, and plenty going on at the YMCA.

So what about getting a head-start and avoid falling into the over-hyped New Year resolution routine?

First things first: Let’s start with reviewing our goals

For most of us our goals are often about muscle gain and fat loss, but I believe we should adopt a wider context than that.

Where are we with the other things that are relevant to life and our health?

Here are a few prime considerations:

  • a healthy body composition – that's our muscle mass and body fat, rather than our overall scale weight or BMI. 
  • energy levels
  • concentration
  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • sleep

What are the improvements you would like to see here?

Where are you now and what result would you consider progress?

Some only you can measure, others we can help with here at the YMCA Club. For example, why not check out our health check and body composition analysis we are offering? This can give you a really good start on the areas you want to improve including body composition, mobility, flexibility and blood pressure.

Come and chat to us at the Club reception to find out other ways we can help you reach your goals.

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About the Author

Nick Owen is a qualified nutritional adviser and holds a Diploma in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice. Nick uses nutrition to support a wide variety of client goals. These include weight management, fat loss and muscle building, general health and well-being, improved energy levels, concentration and complexion. Nick’s approach is practical and realistic, starting with an analysis of current eating patterns and lifestyle, and then working over a series of consultations to support achievement of the desired goals.

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ymca | 30 September 2016