In it to swim it!

Last year I featured in the newsletter. It was the start of my fitness journey.

I'd been with the YMCA about 5 months and I had just completed my first 2.5k Swimathon challenge.

A year has passed by and I'm happy to report that I'm still as passionate about swimming and I'm even more committed to improving my health and fitness. I really have put into practice my 'stopped smoking, started living' mantra!

I'm lucky because the Swimathon challenge has given me a solid marker to measure my progress; I beat my 2.5k PB by 13 minutes this year and I'm hoping there is still room for improvement. I'm also hoping that there will be another YMCA 30-minute challenge this year so that I can switch my focus to speed rather than endurance.

I think swimming is a real great way to get into fitness and live an active life. I was 50 before I took up any type of exercise or fitness regime. At the end of last year, I finally managed to learn breaststroke and that is one of the joys of swimming, it's just never too late.

Swimming also makes me want to really test and push myself. With this in mind, I'm looking to take things a step further and try my first open water swim in September. Onwards and upwards!

Sharron Rankin.

ymca | 2 July 2018