Innermost protein shakes: New for the Club cafe

Innermost is the new protein shake that will be used in the Club café.

They are running tasting sessions on Tuesday 17th July:

  • 7-9am
  • 5.30-7.30pm

Come along to find out more.


To support this tasting day Innermost have answered a few few fewquently asked questions on protein.

What is protein and what does it do?

Protein is an important nutrient made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of skin, hair, nails, muscle and tendons. Protein also ensures your immune system is functioning properly and has been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer; keeping hunger pangs at bay better than carbohydrates or fats.

Why should you supplement with protein?

Protein is especially important for those who exercise. The feeling of sore muscles the day after a workout is the result of microtears in your muscle fibres that need to be repaired. Amino acids are a critical component of that repair process. As those muscle tears are repaired, you grow stronger and fitter.

And it’s not just your muscles that need protein. Your body uses protein to repair all body tissue, which includes hair, skin, nails and tendons. You can, of course, get your protein from food but it takes more time for your body to break it down and often it can also contain saturated fat, cholesterol and other things you don’t need.

Why Innermost?

Our tailored range of superfood protein blends are a convenient and highly bioavailable source of protein. They’re all packed with the right essential amino acids including high levels of leucine, which is the most important amino acid in the repair and rebuild process.

But more than just a great source of protein, each of our unique blends contains a bespoke mix of research-backed active ingredients and superfoods to help you achieve different goals across four categories – Strong, Fit, Health and Lean.

And because each blend is created from the ground up, they each have the right combination of ingredients you need with no artificial flavours, colours, GMOs or mystery ingredients.

Visit for answers to more frequently asked questions and use the voucher code YMCA20 at checkout to receive 20% off your next online order.

ymca | 2 July 2018