Hear from our members...

Over the last few weeks, we have been touched from all the positive feedback we have had from you, our members. Our aim of the classes and sessions was to keep the Club community alive and also support our members to stay active and positive. 

Sadly our blog doesn't work with all the emoticons that these messages featured! But here are some of the kind messages of support that have been shared...


Keeping fit with YMCA central Team on the Covid-19 Lockdown. Gaining muscles from all the classes. Fun for all in these tough times. The team always put a smile on my face. Workouts within my home still challenging. It’s like one big family although we are not together. xx 



My gym friends and I were always talking about the virus and how upset and stressed we all feel. Now we only talk about how wonderful all the online classes are. You gave us a routine. Thank you so much. You, Adrian and Ed are doing a lot for us. We all love when you say our names. I never miss your classes. All of you are very professional.


In this time of isolation...having Central YMCA online classes, has been such a relief. Having something to look forward to throughout the day and getting a chance to get a sweat on is a comfort and a joy. Adrian, Hamit & Ed, you guys are inspirational, encouraging and fun. Keep up the great work!! 


Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you for the live classes that you’re currently doing!! I’m loving them and they’re the highlight of my day at the moment, so thank you! 

You’ll be pleased to know that I’m so involved in the classes that I’ve found myself putting my thumbs up, clapping at the end etc and then realising that you can’t actually see me!!! I’m aching from Legs/Bums and Tums (which I did early this morning!) and then Adrian’s lunchtime class has finished me off today!! Thanks again for all you’re doing for us, I really appreciate you giving me my exercise fix and also a routine/structure to my day! 

And finally - a message from Mariya...

At this time when we are working from home and restricted from going out, when our exercise opportunities are very limited, the YMCA team has offered us an immense physical and mental support.

After a couple of weeks staying at home AM and PM merge together and turn into coffee time and wine time. And this is where the YMCA comes in by introducing a routine: 8.00am, 12.30pm, 6.00pm. Thus, we have a day. We have a schedule. Mentally we have a deadline to complete whatever we are doing, so we can join our favourite classes online. Yes, we might occasionally miss them, but we can catch up within 24h.

The classes are prepared with a lot of thought, they boost your energy and reflect the wider ability of the audience, but the main thing is that tuning in makes you join a community, you feel that you belong to a family of YMCA members. You are not alone. You look forward to those classes so you can be part of the YMCA.

Thank you all - and do please keep sharing your messages via Facebook or club.reception@ymca.co.uk.

All credit to our great instructor team for making it happen! 

ymca | 7 September 2020