Get ready to hit the outdoors with our run club!

Get ready to hit the outdoors with our run club!

This summer take up a new challenge with our run club. Running doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit! Instead, pound the parks and streets of central London with a group of like-minded enthusiasts and embrace the great outdoors.  

If you have never been a fan of running, you probably have never considered the many benefits of joining a running club, and if you are a runner but prefer to run alone, you may have also decided that a running club isn't for you.  

This is the perfect opportunity to join our friendly run club that will offer support and motivation to achieve your goals. Whether you’re building up to a marathon, your first 5k or simply get fitter this club will be just the motivation you need!  

We are launching the brand new running club in September which will be open to all members, of all skills sets, totally free of charge. We will be doing some 5-10km runs at a comfortable pace so that everyone feels comfortable, but challenged

As we begin to grow as a clun and get to know all our runners, we will split into pace groups to make it inclusive for all pace groups. The runs will be lead and supported by our dedicated team of pacers, who will make sure your run is enjoyable! 


ymca | 27 June 2017