Top tips for squats

Top tips for squats

Squats are ineffective if you aren't doing it correctly. #YMCAclubExperts gives their top tips for low bar back squats and barbell front squats.
toni | 19 April 2017
Ladies who lift

Ladies who lift: the importance of nutrition

So you have decided to put lifting into your routine? That is fabulous, you will see the benefits of both lean muscle definition and fat loss, but only if you get your nutrition right.
ymca | 23 March 2017
The Club offers more than just a gym

The Club offers more than just a gym

At YMCA Club we are focused on more than just fitness. We aim to encompass wellness as a whole, and there is a group which is doing just this - Flo.
ymca | 2 March 2017
5 key tips on how to stay positive

5 key tips on how to stay positive

Weekend Fitness Manager Edgaras Lindinas gives us some handy tips on how to make every day a positive one.
ymca | 1 March 2017
Ask the YMCA expert

Ask the YMCA expert: A beginners guide to running

We asked YMCA trainer Victoria Brown to help us get back into running...
ymca | 6 February 2017

Renew: A programme helping young cancer survivors get back to normality

A 12-week exercise referral programme on a mission of empowerment
ymca | 3 February 2017
Member Stories

Member Stories

Q&A: How a gym newcomer became a regular
ymca | 3 February 2017
Ask the YMCA Club expert

Ask the YMCA Club expert: How to get back into fitness

We asked YMCA trainer Angela Rey to answer the much-discussed question this January...
ymca | 5 January 2017

Ask the YMCA Club expert: Find out why Olympic athletes love the SkillMill

Have you noticed a new machine on the gym floor? Club Fitness Manager Hamit Buhara explains how to use the SkillMill and why its better than the average treadmill.
ymca | 5 December 2016