Guide to getting fit

The definitive guide to getting fit

How much exercise should we be doing in order to stay healthy, lose weight or get fit? What intensities should we be exercising at to achieve all of these goals? If you read one article it is likely...
ymca | 27 January 2015

Why include the indoor rowing machine in your workout

Your first visit to a gym can be pretty overwhelming as you are confronted by an array of different, and sometimes intimidating, gym equipment. There’s the treadmill and the bike – those are pretty...
ymca | 13 January 2015

Game of Moans: Remember your gym etiquette

This article presents common etiquette issues that every gym goer faces once in a lifetime. From the guy running backwards on a treadmill to the hairdryer treatment (yes, you've read it right)....
ymca | 5 January 2015

5 steps to beat the January bulge

The joys of January: our bank accounts are empty, party season is over and our waistbands are tighter. You’d have to have been super human to resist the odd seasonal temptation over Christmas, and a...
ymca | 1 January 2015
Beat the baby weight

Beat the baby weight

If you’re worried you still look pregnant several weeks after the birth of your baby, you’re not alone. Look at it this way: it took nine months for your body to prepare for the birth, so it’s going...
ymca | 20 December 2014
Training for Triathlon

Training for Triathlon: The need for speed

In writing the Central YMCA guide ‘Tri harder: The A-Z of Triathlon for Improvers, I wanted to provide an unintimidating and easy to use guide to the sport. Although Triathlon is in many ways quite a...
ymca | 17 November 2014

Taking the plunge with swimming

There are many great benefits from swimming but many people don't include it in their workout routines. Find out why it's time to take the plunge and add swimming to your exercise regime.
ymca | 25 October 2014
How to train for a marathon

How to train for a marathon?

Now you’ve signed up for your marathon, it’s time to get down to the business of training. Training can be tough, especially if you’re a beginner, and it can be difficult to know what kind of...
ymca | 17 October 2014

Join my gym: Justin Cowling

There’s no better way to find out what it’s like to be a part of YMCA Club then hearing from the members themselves. This time we hear from Justin Cowling, who has benefitted from YMCA Club being...
ymca | 9 October 2014