Men's Weightlifting

Men's Weightlifting

Weightlifting has many benefits. It helps increase both strength and size. Combined with a healthy eating and hydration regime, plenty of rest, mobility, core strength and plenty of sleep, it also...
ymca | 28 May 2019
An overweight Chris Boone pushing his healthier self in a pram

“My lifestyle was damaging my organs”

Chris Boone from Woolwich is fit and healthy and has not long celebrated his 40th birthday. As the old adage goes, ‘Life begins at 40’ - for Chris, it certainly did. Chris is an international Senior...
Claire.Gilderson | 26 March 2019
Brenda doing weights at a YMCA Club Older Adults Workshop

Strengthening bones and muscles can reduce the risk of an early death

As we get older, musculoskeletal health becomes increasingly important. According to new joint research by Public Health England and the Centre for Ageing Better, poor musculoskeletal health can...
Claire.Gilderson | 26 March 2019
TravelMag logo over YMCA Club's swimming pool

YMCA Club is “exceedingly hard to beat” say TravelMag

When it comes to gyms in London, the variety of facilities, classes and services that our award winning gym offers is second to none. TravelMag - who provide in-depth local guides to travellers from...
Claire.Gilderson | 15 February 2019
Get fit for February - Join an exercise class!

Get fit for February - Join an exercise class!

As part of your ‘new year, new you’ philosophy, you might have considered upping the ante in 2019 and nailing your new fitness regime, but how? Studio Manager and former Choreographer, Adrian Walters...
Claire.Gilderson | 1 February 2019
YMCA member, David Bryan, exercising in the YMCA Club in central London

Meet David Bryan – the YMCA Club’s fastest ‘bleeper’!

David, a 32-year-old award winning Animator from Enfield, has been a YMCA Club member for eight years. He also currently holds the enviable Club title of ‘Fastest Bleeper’ having achieved a result of...
Claire.Gilderson | 1 February 2019
James Ross. Mature student on the Mind Body Matters YMCA pilot.

Managing mental health through exercise

In January, many of us are thinking about kicking old habits or starting something new. For others it’s a time of extreme stress as they prepare for their mock exams ahead of their summer finals....
Claire.Gilderson | 19 December 2018
Peach Band workout. A peach that looks like a bottom.

New ‘Peach Band’ workout for perkier posteriors

Overindulged in too much turkey and trimmings? Bum not as firm after the festive frivolities? Have no fear, the YMCA Club are launching the new ‘Peach Band’ workout for both men and women from Friday...
Claire.Gilderson | 19 December 2018
Edgaras Lindinas using the YMCA Club to train for the UKBFF’s ‘Sugar Classic’ bodybuilding competition

“I trained for 3 months for 10 minutes of glory”

Duty Manager, Edgaras Lindinas, explains how the YMCA Club helped him train for one of the UK’s most prestigious bodybuilding championships….
Claire.Gilderson | 30 November 2018