Your complete summer holiday wellbeing guide from Flo: Your wellbeing team

Passport, tickets, money, phone charger... there's so much to remember before going away. If you're not too careful, your well-being focus can fall by the way side. 

Enter Rich, Nick, Lyn & David aka collectively as Flo: Your Well-being Team. A combined specialist unit of a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Beautician and Massage Therapist.

We've compiled a handy guide to help make sure your fitness, nutrition and well-being doesn't have a summer holiday fail.

4 weeks before your holiday 


A month before you go you may feel like the need to burn those last few stubborn calories - to help you feel less bloated and more beach ready!
So up the intensity and difficulty. Increase the weights, add on an extra set, try drop sets, supersets, or add a Cycle, HITT or Kettlebell to your weekly routine.

2 Days before


This needs to be done at least 24hrs before getting on the beach. You should exfoliate first to help to loosen any ingrown hairs and leave you with soft skin. Remember no hot baths or showers straight after a wax (the water should be warm) and avoid deodorant as you don't want to irritate the skin.

1 day before 


This is the last thing to do. You have exfoliated for 2 weeks and your skin is perfect for a fake tan. Wear loose clothing and avoid underwear and water after the spray tan, as you don't want any lines. 

When You're On The Plane

It sounds obvious, but its easily forgotten: Move around every so often. Get up and walk up and down the aisle to improve circulation, also try some gentle stretching as this will improve circulation too. There may be an in-flight video showing you how to do this. Don't just sit there for eighteen hours like a potato. Wear compression socks. These  tips should lower the risk of thrombosis in the legs thus eliminating blood clots and potential strokes.

Whilst You're Away


Ok so you need a break from work and the gym, but that doesn't mean you can just sit or lie down 24/7. Avoid a splurge of sustained sedentary behaviour: it's arguably as bad as binge drinking or over-eating. When you return to regular exercise from doing literally nothing, your body is sluggish to adapt and injuries can occur. Keep things ticking over with regular activity, if not exercise. Go for walks, explore, swim.


You could get a massage on the beach, but beware to remove any oil after the massage - you don't want to be burned to a crisp on Benidorm beach. Make sure to inform the therapist of any medical problems that they may need to know. Ask them to use deeper and slower strokes, if appropriate; sometimes they may not be qualified and are really just 'rubbing the oil in' like it's Factor 15, so observe them working on someone else before deciding if you want one.


When you're on holiday it's easy to go for the meat and bread staples food wise which can bloat. 
You'll feel better if you aim for salad and veggies at each meal - plenty of seasonal salad and fresh local veg will be the most nutritious and best value. Aim for 8-10 per day!

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Throughout Summer


Summer means we spend a lot more time outdoors, and in an urban environment we expose ourselves to far more pollution - our food choices can potentially help reduce the impact. 
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This applies all year round but it's easy to forget on holiday - Focus on at least 7 hours of sleep and stay hydrated; both these influence our body's fat storage.

Remember to enjoy your holiday! You work hard and you deserve to enjoy yourself! But hopefully you won't ruin your hard-earned fitness nutrition and wellbeing gains.

Happy Summer from the Flo team. 

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