Why Group Exercise? Here’s Three Great Reasons…

Why Group Exercise? Here’s Three Great Reasons…

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself to head down the gym, week in, week out, doing the same thing over and over. So this year, why not give our extensive Group Exercise programme a go? With more than 130 classes a week on the timetable, there has to be something to get you interested. And there’s no excuse for not having time, with classes ranging from 15 minutes to an hour in duration. The classes offer so much more than loud music, fast movements and shouts of encouragement…

1. Social Opportunities

It’s likely you’re going to have more fun exercising in a group than working out alone. It’s a way of getting you off the couch or away from your desk and it’s an ideal place to meet other people who have similar lifestyle and fitness goals. So many new friendships are developed from talking to other participants before or after a class.

2. Motivation and Accountability

Unless you're one of those people that can jump out of bed at 5am and hit the ground running, odds are that having the motivation and keeping it, is difficult for you. The majority of the people in the gym have the same problem. Just one of the great things about group exercise is making a commitment with the friends you’ve made, once Joe, Julie and Geoff have said “are you coming to class?” it’s much less likely you’ll roll over and go back to sleep for fear of letting others down.

3. Support

The Instructor/trainers want you to get the results you want. All of our trainers will go out of their way to modify exercises for you, to take your injuries, limitations and challenges into account and to tailor-make a workout that will keep you engaged and enthusiastic. Our instructors will give you an assessment before they start (if your new arrive five minutes early). Good instructors will watch your technique and give you corrections or modifications. Basically, good instructors will instruct – regardless of whether there are two people in the room or 20.

So there you have it, three great reasons to give group exercise classes a go.

ymca | 12 May 2016