“Little changes can make a big difference”

Wellness Wednesday Workshop (hands in the shape of a heart)

You might have started your new fitness regime, but have you also seriously considered your diet and lifestyle? Our resident Nutritionist, Nick Owen, and former Michelin Chef turned Personal Trainer and YMCA Weekend Manager, Ed Lindinas, have joined forces to bring you ‘Wellness Wednesday’ – an event about healthy eating and healthy living.

You might have taken an InBody test at the YMCA Club last month. If you feel disappointed with your body fat to muscle mass ratio, have no fear! By making a few healthier choices in the coming weeks and months, you will be surprised at what you can achieve! Nick and Ed will show you how…

Where do I start?

Attend ‘Wellness Wednesday’ on Wednesday 20th Feb from 6pm to 8pm in the

Keith Clarke 1 Room and benefit from Nick and Ed’s professional expertise:

  • An opportunity to take an InBody test if you haven’t done so already (please wear your gym gear if you want to take the test).
  • How to interpret your InBody test results.
  • Try some healthy snacks.
  • Debunk commonly held myths about so called ‘healthy eating’.
  • How to make healthier lifestyle choices.
  • How to cook more healthily.
  • How to understand confusing food labels.
  • Take away healthy recipes to help you reach your goals.
  • An opportunity to have your questions answered.

How much?

£20 for members and non-members. A rare opportunity to access the combined expertise of a Michelin Chef, Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist at the same time for two hours. Bargain!

Busting myths

As a former professional sous chef (second in command in the kitchen) at the prestigious Hakkasan Restaurant in central London for seven years, Ed is all too familiar with resisting the urge to stuff his face. With a particular weakness for cheesecake, Ed has learnt over the years how to combine nutrition, exercise and self-control to reach his goals. Now in tip top shape ahead of his forthcoming ‘Classic UK Bodybuilding Fitness Federation’ competition on 9th June, Ed is only too happy to share the secret of his success: 

“People think they need to eat less to lose weight, but this is a myth. If you want to lose body fat, just reduce your carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, etc) and have enough protein and healthy fat to achieve your goals. When you reduce carbohydrates, your body starts to burn body fat as an energy. You don’t need to starve yourself, just eat the right things. When I prepare for my body building competitions, I never starve myself or feel hungry, I always have enough food.”

“Eating lots of fruit is another myth – you only need one or two pieces of fruit per day to give you the right vitamins and minerals. You can also get your minerals and vitamins from water and vegetables, but eating too much fruit (especially bananas and pineapples), actually creates fructose which is high in sugar. When you have too much sugar in your body, you will struggle to lose body fat.”

Exercising vs eating

“We want to make people aware of how they can change their lifestyle, eating habits and exercise to help them reach their goals. Exercising is the easy part – you go to the gym, exercise and then it’s done, but when you leave, you have another 23 hours left. A lot of your lifestyle revolves around eating and drinking habits. By lifestyle, I mean making better choices. Instead of having five beers consecutively, alternate beers with glasses of water which will help to dilute the alcohol.”

“Instead of obsessively exercising in the gym to achieve your fitness goals, we introduce the idea of adapting your lifestyle outside of the gym, like taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking up the escalator, getting off the bus one stop earlier to incorporate more walking into your day. These are good little lifestyle tips.”

Your InBody result

“If your test result indicates that you’re carrying more weight than you would like or you would like to build up more muscle. Don’t worry – it’s not set in stone! Your InBody result (a bunch of numbers) is just your starting point. Everyone has a specific goal to reach, whether it’s gaining muscle mass, losing body fat or training for competitions or events. We will show you what changes you can make and how to achieve your goals. In a few months’ time, when you take the test again, you will hopefully see a difference from the first test.”

Want to find out more? Join Nick and Ed from 6pm on Wednesday 20th February to help you make those little life changes that will go a long way.

Claire.Gilderson | 1 February 2019