#WellnessWednesday evening

Want to destress and improve flexibility? Come and sample each of the whole-body classes the Club offers over one evening.

Yoga is known for its positive affects on both the mind and body and there are many different forms. Yin and Yang yoga, for example, is a flowing, dynamic style. But they all works on the muscles to improve strength and mobility. 

At the other end of the scale you have pure Body Weight Training, a technique that allow you to get a great workout using just the body, without needing any kit. 

Over this session, try six classes that cover the whole spectrum – while picking up some skills to keep you fit over the busy Christmas period when getting to the gym may be hard.


Main Sports Hall

30 November 2016, 6pm to 8pm 


6pm - Body Weight Training

6.20pm - Primal Patterns

6.40pm - Primal Strength and Stretch

7pm - Supple Strength

7.20pm - Rocket Yoga

7.40pm - Yin & Yang Yoga


Remember to come along with loose clothing.

Non-members also welcome for free. Please email: Terri.Snelling@YMCA.co.uk to book your guest.

Please be aware both the usual evening cycle and circuits classes will not take place, apologies. 

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Joe | 3 November 2016