Unleash your inner beast with Primal Patterns

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Challenge your coordination, mobility and core strength with the new Primal Pattern Workshops. Primal Patterns is a combination of quadrupedal ground based bodyweight movements. Be ready to crawl, twist, stretch and move like a beast. Primal Pattern combines different movements designed to improve mobility and strength in your wrists, shoulders and hips. Agility, coordination, balance and core stability are key aspects of the practice.

What to expect during the class:

After a warm up consisting of mobilisation of the wrists, shoulders and hips and whole-body dynamic and static stretches, you will learn to travel around the room like a crab, ape or a beast and learn how to switch between them with fluid sequences. Both challenging and effective, you will feel every single muscle of your body working.

What are the benefits of Primal Patterns: 

  • Core, shoulder and hip stability: more stable joints can help in preventing injuries, so whether you are a gymnastic, runner or lifter, Primal Patterns will keep you strong and healthy.
  • Mobility/Stability: primal movements can be used to increase the range of motion around the joints. Move better, perform better!
  • Strength: bodyweight workouts are well known for developing general strength. Have you ever tried to do a bodyweight pull up or dip? How hard it can be? Primal Patterns strengthens all muscles and joints, making you stronger and fitter.
  • Cardiovascular endurance: muscles need oxygen to work, can you imagine how much air you need when your legs, core and arms are working simultaneously?
  • Improved neuromuscular communication: as babies we were all able to easily crawl and move on the ground. This phase is essential for developing coordination and strength. As adults we rarely go back to the floor making the lower body dominant, so a better synchronization between upper and lower body will wake up some sleepy connections between your brain and your muscles!

Check out the timetable for class times and train like a beast with Primal Patterns!


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ymca | 4 February 2016