Try out our new classes

We have added some great new classes to the timetable this month, come along and try them out!

ABC Aero-Body-Con
ABC is a high intensity cardio workout. The same Aerobic choreography you love with a body conditioning twist! Between choreo break downs get an extra boost to your work out with boot camp style body conditioning. Whole Body, Full Tempo! 
When: Mondays 6.15pm in Studio 1

Met-Con Circuit
Met-Con Circuit is an intense workout that utilises a combination of high intensity training, functional strength training and anaerobic conditioning drills, all aimed at boosting your body’s different energy pathways, burning fat and toning muscles.
When: Fridays 1pm in the Sports Hall

R&R Redefine Recovery
In this class you’ll be shown a range of exercises using foam rollers, massage balls and yoga blocks to rub out the kinks, soreness and tight spots in your muscles – giving you deep tissue relief, helping you maintain a healthy balanced body and ultimately preventing injury.
When: Wednesdays 12.30 and Fridays 6.45 in Studio 2

Self Defence Workshop
Learn to protect yourself and boost your confidence through a range of exercises and techniques derived from the ancient martial art of Wing Chun, designed by a woman for women. The main purpose is to allow people of a smaller body frame to defend themselves against a larger opponent or force with lesser effort. Speed up your reflexes, improve your motor skills and increase your muscle fibre activation to make your body work efficiently.
When: Mondays 6.45pm in the Mind Body studio

Y-Tougher Circuit
Y-Tougher Circuit is an advanced, high-intensity circuit series utilising functional training equipment and intended to attack every part of your body. Each exercise is part of a timed station designed to challenge your heart, lungs, and muscles, as well as prepare you for your specific challenges and events. Y-Tougher will set you on the path to becoming sculpted, rugged and strong.
When: Thursdays 1.15pm in the Sports Hall

ymca | 4 February 2015