Taking the plunge with swimming


A traditional exercise regime usually juggles lifting weights interspersed with elements of cardio – cycling, running and rowing – whilst the more adventurous sorts try to include a little stretching into their routines. What fewer people embrace is swimming. However there are many good reasons why many exercisers should include it into part of their schedule.

Research has shown that regular swimming significantly reduces the risk of chronic disease including heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  Just one 30-minute session of moderate to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity in the pool once a week contributes significantly to your recommended weekly exercise requirements.

The excuse that ‘Swimming gets boring’ is one we’ve all heard before but this need not be the case anymore. Motivational tools such as Swimfit, a series of session cards enabling you to vary your swims and help you to set and reach new goals, and Swimtag, a wrist band that records all information about your swim in your online account, will help keep you going in the pool as well as track your progress.   

If the above isn’t enough to convince you to take a dip in the pool then check out these facts you may not know about swimming:

  • A gentle half hour swim can burn over 200 Kcal and a fast front crawl can burn as many calories as running at 13km/h.
  • Because water is about 800 times denser than air, you can work harder, and burn more calories, in a pool than out of it – even doing simple movements such as walking in water.
  • Swimming can support up to 90% of the body’s weight in the water, meaning that those with disabilities, injuries or illnesses such as arthritis can take part in a comfortable and safe environment, which means that you can get a full body workout.

Surely you must be convinced by now?! Here at YMCA Club our 25m pool caters for all levels with triathlon swimming training, swimming clubs and one to one lessons available as well lane swimming for those who want to follow their own routine. So come and take the plunge next time you’re in the Club! 

ymca | 25 October 2014